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Miyouki Jego

Studio Founder

As a young girl, in love with the idea of ballet, Miyouki Jego stood frozen in the doorway of her first ballet class. The little five year old quietly wept in the corner of the studio, intently observing but far
too intimidated to actively participate. Several weeks passed. One day the director of the studio called Miyouki and her mother into her office, sat in front of the fledging student and asked directly, "Do you want to dance?". Young Jego finally raised her head to look directly into the eyes of her interrogator and confidently replied, "yes". From that moment on Jego has not stopped dancing. She has now started a studio where qualified instructors are passionate about delivering quality instruction to those wanting to develop their love for dance. It has been mentioned that Sea Island Ballet is the perfect playground for artists wanting to pursue higher learning with higher dedication. 


Ballet can be very intimidating, as Ms. Jego herself can attest, but here at Sea Island Ballet our focus is
to welcome all dreamers who are prepared to work hard to make those dreams come true.


"Sea Island Ballet Studios (SIBS) is headed by Artistic Director, Miyouki Jego.  This incredibly talented teacher, outstanding choreographer, and nurturing human being, welcomes anyone and everyone interested in dance to her studios! 


I have danced in her classes for over 10 years, and in addition to regular classes, I am very thankful and truly honoured that Ms. Miyouki accepts me as a member of the Sea Island Dance Company (SIDCo).  Given my age, there are some exercises, and moves that are no longer easy for me to perform.  This does not seem to pose as a problem and the choreography assigned to me is always appropriate for my competency level.  This attests to Miss Miyouki's incredible penchant for inclusivity.  In addition, she has already built a sense of community and in so doing, has is producing a highly workable and cohesive adult company worthy of showcase. 


For me, the scope of class choices, the chance of enjoying ballet even in later years, and the fabulous challenge of being part of SIDCo is a dream come true.  I love to be challenged and I find that this desire can be fulfilled by the ballet opportunities offered to me only by Sea Island Ballet Studios and the superior programme Ms. Miyouki has developed. 


Under the current lock-down, stay-at-home, social distancing circumstances, one might wonder what ballet dancers do.  Being super creative creatures, they improvise, of course.  They find ways to forge ahead with those important barre exercises and choreography because they know that to miss these for extended periods of time could lead to physical, emotional and intellectual dance training disaster.  To this end, some classes have gone online while others, if allowed and strictly following established health safety protocols, remain in the studio.  Some choreography development, rehearsal and performance even takes place outside.  It is this kind of commitment, forward thinking, and striving for excellence that marks the excellence of Sea Island Ballet Studios!" - Lynn


"Sea Island Ballet Studio stands out among other Ballet Schools in Lower Mainland, because Ms. Miyouki Jego, the Artistic Director of the studio, has created a safe, inclusive, and encouraging learning environment for her students in all ages. Her comprehensive dance program not only has provided knowledge on the technical and performing aspects in dance, but also on nutritional support and mental preparedness to strive for the best as a dancer. Ms. Miyouki has over 20 years of teaching experience and is a gifted artist. I am often mesmerized in her choreographies. Belonging to this intergenerational dance community has given me so much joy over the years. The experience has led me to live a better and happier life." - Margurite


"I have enjoyed taking adult ballet, pointe and jazz classes at Sea Island Ballet and I think this is the perfect place for those who love to dance and those who are wanting to try dance. Ms. Miyouki is a phenomenal teacher who will help you reach the next stage of your training wherever that may be with her extensive years of experience and insightful nature. The classes are designed to suit different levels and for a bunhead like myself, I take comfort knowing that I have a safe place to work on ballet skills that challenge me as well as refining basic fundamental technique. I would say that the environment feels welcoming for dancers of any age and level. While I have been learning ballet for many years, jazz was still relatively new to me and out of my comfort zone at the beginning. However, I found that jazz classes at Sea Island were fitting for myself as well as others who all had varying levels of dance experience, and actually quite beneficial for my ballet training as well, and now I look forward to the energetic vibe of the class every week.

I have also been a part of SIDCo., the performance company. One unique aspect of SIDCo. is that it offers adult dancers the opportunity to participate in more performances and while this may seem like a daunting idea for those who haven’t performed much before, I can attest that you’ll gain a stronger sense of confidence and will grow to fall in love with being involved in shows.

One thing I really appreciate about Sea Island is how adaptable this studio is towards new circumstances. In the past year when the pandemic has caused so much uncertainty and sudden unpredictable changes for dance studios, Sea Island Ballet was able to offer alternative options like online classes, semi-privates, and filmed performances so that our dance training could continue without too much disruption. This was extremely valuable for someone like me who relies on dance for physical and mental well-being. It has also been great to meet fellow like-minded dancers who also love dancing and being part of a supportive community together." - Iris


"I found Miss Miyouki to be professional, warm and welcoming. I found her instruction to be clear and focused and found her to be quite knowledgeable and skilled as an instructor. I had no idea how truly of fortunate I was to have found her. One thing that stood about that class was the sense of community I felt right away." - Fumie


Staff Biographies to come....

Quality Instruction for Every Level

Sea Island Ballet Studios Inc. provides professional training in a positive and supportive community-based environment. We believe that in order to fully support the dancer, we must consider their training wholistically. Our youth have benefitted from our program by accomplishing excellent academic achievements. Ballet teaches you more than movement: It teaches you how to persevere, develop a growth mindset and strengthens resilience.


Many of our adults seek out our classes due to our unique approach, which helps foster a supportive, community-based program. If you want to learn or return to the art of dance, or take it to the stage, you'll love it here at Sea Island Ballet Studios.


For more information about the benefits of incorporating dance into your life, click here.


With years of exceptional training and a passion for sharing the art of dance, Director Miyouki Jego empowers her students to grow through individualized instruction and attention.