Frequently Asked Questions

What am I supposed to wear to ballet?

Proper attire is very important for your dance classes. For all ballet and pointe, you will want to wear ballet tights, a bodysuit and a wrap skirt is optional. For younger students please look at the dress code in the handbook. This attire allows for the instructor to give accurate corrections quickly and to avoid injuries while class is running.We understand that as a beginner adult dancer it can be intimidating to come into a class. Therefore, in regards to attire, we simply ask that you wear tight fitting clothes and proper footwear. If the instructor watches a class and scans the room she/he can quickly pick up on any discrepancies and address the appropriate corrections. Corrections are vital for your success in your ballet classes. All other dance classes you will want to wear something comfortable and body hugging

What time should I come to class?

The simple answer is 15 minutes prior to class time and at least an hour for performances if you are part of SIDCo. This will allow you time to properly warm up and get mentally and physically prepared for class.

How do I register for classes?

Send an e-mail to stating which class(es) you're interested in taking.


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